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Would you like clarity around your finances, to help you make important decisions about your future? I work with clients, spending time to discover and help you:


  • Spend and enjoy your money with confidence

  • Find what you love doing and do that!

  • Spend money and time on experiences, friends and family

  • Don’t be the richest man in the graveyard

  • Don’t run out of money at 78, if you’re going to live into your 90’s


I provide 3 plans

  1. Current position: where are you heading

  2. Improved position: where could you get to with a few tweaks

  3. Optimum: where could you get to if you dreamed big, achieved your goals and left a legacy to loved ones or charity


Plus: An action list to work through

Plus: Accountability calls throughout the year to discuss progress and overcome challenges

I use Market leading software by Timeline [click here for details] that will give you  complete clarity and confidence that your plan is on track, giving you peace of mind around your spending and financial future.


Lets begin the process with a meaningful conversation around your financial dreams and aspirations. Get ready to dream big!!

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David Hole | Money Coach


I help people lead the life they really want to; what do you want to do and how much will it cost? - I can help! 
Let’s meet, no cost, no obligation….


Testimonial from Warren Munson

I wanted someone to give me some honest answers about my future financial position. But I didn’t want someone to try and sell to me. David was brilliant, using scientifically proven software and his vast financial expertise he was able to inform me of my potential financial options and give me valid choices for my future. He also showed me that by making some tiny adjustments I could be enjoying my money more now and not just in the future. Speaking to David has given me peace of mind, focus and purpose.” 


Warren Munson: Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, Business Advisor and Author.

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Testimonial from Hugh Wahla

"Working closely with David over the past few months has been really thought provoking. David has helped me to open up a lot of options and provided a different way of thinking about my financial future; enabling important conversations with my wife. We are now considering several actions, with renewed confidence that we are not jeopardising anything, indeed we can dramatically improve not only our own retirement, but the legacy we leave to our beneficiaries. We look forward to continuing to work with David."


Hugh Wahla: Ex CEO, Life Purpose Coach

Testimonial from Helen Stacey

David helped my husband I look at our finances to assure us that we were on track to retire when we wanted with enough in the pot to do the things we want to do.  It was a good experience as it helped us clarify what we already have in place and small tweaks we could make to help us secure that future – some of which we have already put into place.  It was a simple process and David was able to run the figures into his software (that is easily understood) to give us peace of mind.  I would urge anyone in their 50’s looking at their retirement plans and who doesn’t fully understand the whole process to get in touch with David!” 

Helen Stacey - Aspire Jobs

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Imagine you are financially secure, you have enough money to take care of your financial needs, now and in the future. How would you live your life - don't hold back on your dreams here

Money coach David hopes to help people have meaningful conversations about their finances.


Click below to


You may be someone who has sold, or is thinking about selling a business.


You might be planning a career change, early retirement, or just want to feel more in control of your financial future.

This applies to you, you and your spouse and family, or maybe your parents or other members of your family.


But whatever your position, at the back of your mind you have questions: Have I got money to last me through my retirement? to buy that property I’ve dreamt about? To travel while I’m younger or help my children get on the property ladder? And, how can I get honest, simple and trustworthy answers to these questions?


I will review your current financial status.


I will set up a TIMELINE cashflow report using financial planning software to provide a clear picture of your financial sustainability through to the age of 100. From this you will receive three comprehensive reports outlining your current position, your improved position and maximum position after implementing changes to risk and transfer to lower cost options.


And I will enable you to feel safe about spending your money with confidence, knowing that you won’t run out of money.


I Will: 

  • give you clarity about your current and future financial position

  • help you make informed financial decisions

  • help you spend your money with confidence that you won’t run out of money

  • give you a structured action list; and hold you accountable

  • provide details of my Coaching Accreditation and Liability Insurance

I will not:

  • sell you any financial products



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VouchedFor is an independent service that lets you find, rate and review Financial and Mortgage Advisers. The Service only lists Financial and Mortgage Advisers who are authorised by the appropriate governing body and who pass extensive checks.

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About Me


I am a married father and step-father, with over 30 years of experience as a qualified, professional financial advisor.

I bought, developed and sold a business (Norris and Fisher Limited) and have founded and sold another successful business (Inspire Financial Services Limited)

As an accredited and insured money coach I gain huge personal fullfillment from using my expertise to help people achieve their financial goals.


I love helping people and would love to help you!

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